2nd Prof MBBS Result

TMMC Online Result (2nd Professional Exam – MBBS Course)
Passed Student List – May – 2023 held in June 2023
S.L Roll Name
 01 2119 Riyadh Islam Joy
 02 2121 Aporupa Sqarma
 03 2123 Nobin Hasan Emon
 04 2126 Redowan Ahmed
 05 2127 Abul Hayat Shuvo
 06 2129 Fariha Hafiz Aishy
 07 2130 Golam Saroar Bhuiyan Sajeeb
 08 2132 Shamila Iyasmin Mitu
 09 2137 Nazmoon Nahar Urmi
 10 2138 Bushra Majid
 11 2139 Anindita Bose Badhon
 12 2140 Tayab Akter Deeza
 13 2141 Md. Sabbir Ahmed
 14 2142 S.M. Kowshik Ahmed
 15 2143 Mohd Saif Khan
 16 2144 Farhat Nabi
 17 2145 Pagadala Siddartha
 18 2146 Aman Khurshid
 19 2147 Sadiya Islam
 20 2148 Sanzida Paly Usha


Referred Student’s List, May – 2023 held in June 2023
S.L Roll Name Referred Subject
01 2120 Mahenaz Sultana Tamanna Com.Med.
02 2122 Md. Mehadi Hasan Com.Med
03 2124 Most. Mazifatun Nessa Com.Med
04 2125 Peerzada Suhail Ahmad For.Med, Com.Med
05 2128 Kazi Shaikh Jahan Niloy Com.Med
06 2131 Shaifa Akter Com.Med
07 2133 Mir Aamina Nabi For.Med. Com.Med
08 2134 Md. Shifat-Al-Shahriar Com.Med
09 2135 Kasfi Islam For.Med, Com.Med
10 2136 Mehedi Hassan Com.Med

Towards a healthier humanity

Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College is geared towards providing excellent broad-based education with a focus on professional development for the students to equip them with knowledge, skill and attitude necessary not only to address the priority health problems of the community but also to acquire a firm basis for future training and studies. Helping students to Acquire a KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING of health and its promotion, and of diseases. Their prevention and management, in the context of whole individual and his or her place in the family and the society. ;


The present campus of the college is located, 9 KM from The Shahjala Internation Airport, at Konia of Gazipur City ( near Boardbazar ), the medical college, including the hospital, stands on the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway-just outside the capital city.

The administrative offices and academic departments are housed in a campus surrounded by a picturesque lush green environment of the area.

The buildings are well furnished and suitably equipped to accommodate classrooms, seminars, dissection hall, laboratories, museum, library, students’ common rooms and snack shop.