Project Description

Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology offers teaching to the students of 3rd year MBBS course.The aim of the department is to increase the depth of knowledge of various subdivision of Forensic science. So that they became capable to perform their professional duties sincerely & efficiently. & is capable of being examine & prepare reports /certificate in medicolegal cases /situations in accordance with the law of lands. During medical practice in the society they can maintain the standard of medical ethics. Also this subject prepare the student to become quite competent to help the administration and giving medicolegal opinion regarding disputed cases of sexual assault ,rape victim examination ,identification of unknown person determination, poisoning case and most of all determination of mode,manner and cause in complicated incidence like suspicious,unnatural,unattended ,medically unexplained death. Total allocation of teaching hours for the students are 195 hours; out of which 80 hours are the theoritical lectures and rest on 115 hours for tutorial, practical classes & integrated or assaignment.