Final Prof MBBS Results

TMMC Online Result (Final Professional Exam – MBBS Course)
Passed Student List – July -2022 Held in November 2022
S.L Roll Name
01 8979 K.M. Ikbal Bashar
02 8980 Shamsun Nahar Tonny
03 8981 Iqra Gulshan Rather
04 8982 Zahid Subzar
05 8983 Sakiya Bashir
06 8984 Kazi Shahida Arabi Ruchi
07 8985 Rakhshaan Tariq
08 8986 Malik Farheen
09 8987 Sadia Shorove
10 8988 Adil Imtiaz
11 8989 Marjia Islam Raka
12 9926 Gazi Md. Ismail Hossen
13 9927 Anik Chandra Das
14 9928 Nahid Muttalib Sarkar


Referred Student’s List, July -2022 Held in November 2022
S.L Roll Name Referred Subject
01 8976 Jannatul Ferdaus Medicine, Surgery, Gynae.
02 8977 Md. Saimum Islam Labib Surgery
03 8978 Tajamul Mukhtar Baba  Surgery
04  9922 Muhammad Muntakim Bin Shajahan  Surgery, Gynae.
05 9923 Apurba Raj Paul Surgery, Gynae.
06 9924 Md. Saiful Islam Shamim Surgery
07 9925 Anik Ronjon Das  Surgery

Towards a healthier humanity

Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College is geared towards providing excellent broad-based education with a focus on professional development for the students to equip them with knowledge, skill and attitude necessary not only to address the priority health problems of the community but also to acquire a firm basis for future training and studies. Helping students to Acquire a KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING of health and its promotion, and of diseases. Their prevention and management, in the context of whole individual and his or her place in the family and the society. ;


The present campus of the college is located, 9 KM from The Shahjala Internation Airport, at Konia of Gazipur City ( near Boardbazar ), the medical college, including the hospital, stands on the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway-just outside the capital city.

The administrative offices and academic departments are housed in a campus surrounded by a picturesque lush green environment of the area.

The buildings are well furnished and suitably equipped to accommodate classrooms, seminars, dissection hall, laboratories, museum, library, students’ common rooms and snack shop.