This programme of study leads to a 3 years diploma course. The institute has been approved by Bangladesh Nursing Council.

Curriculum Design :
The current Senior Registered Nurse SRN curriculum was revised by the Bangladesh Nursing Council (BNC) with technical assistance from the World Health Organization, Bangladesh. As BNC has taken account of national policies as well as outcomes of various studies and major stakeholders meetings, major changes in the SRN curriculum, which is now called Diploma Nursing Science and midwifery (2006). The curriculum is designed to incorporate (1) general education courses to prepare students to understand the world, understand the human behavior and be able to communicate in English, (2) foundation courses to furnish students with essential knowledge relevant to nursing, and (3) professional courses for nursing and midwifery specific courses. The courses are sequenced from year one to year three, from simple to complex, with an attempt to increase students’ competencies overtime.
The school has designed specific curriculum that prepares the student to develop an aptitude for nursing and to provide the required knowledge and skills to give comprehensive nursing care to patients of all types of illness.

Curriculum Structure :
Total credits=110 semester credits
Numbers in the parenthesis indicate total classroom study hours, hours in the laboratory and/or clinical practice hours in a semester.
Numbers are assigned as the followings:
1 credit for classroom study is equal to 16 hours per semester
1 credit for Laboratory is equal to 32 hours per semester
1 credit for clinical practice is equal to 96 hours per semester
One semester is equal to 18 weeks with one week for midterm exam and another week for final exam. Between semesters, there will be school break for a minimum of 4 weeks which will allow time for students who fail a course to take re-exam, or to do additional study/assignment/practice to improve their academic performance in order to fulfill the requirement of the course.

Duration of Training :
There should be a minimum period of three years of education. A student must pass the prescribed prerequisite course (s), if any, to be able to study in a specific higher level course. At the end of the program, the student is required to take the BNC comprehensive examination for certification and licensing as a registered nurse.

Medium of Instruction :
English language is used as a medium of instruction with supplemental Bangla language, as necessary.

Clinical Practice :
During the course there is considerable emphasis on relevant clinical skills to meet the needs of a changing profession and community expectations. During the training period, all students will be specially trained at our own 350 Bedded Hospital facilities at TMMC&H with Medicine, Surgery, OBG, Ortho, ENT, Ophthalmology, ICU, Psychiatry & other departments apart from educational institutes, TMMC&H is a prominent name in the healthcare sector of Bangladesh.

Student Welfare Activities :
Welfare of students is an important part of this Institution. It broadly covers their physical, mental, social cultural and spiritual well being. Students needs will be met by providing the following facilities:
Students Health Services, Counseling Services, Student Nurses Activities, Educational Tours, Recreational, Cultural & Religious Activities, Adequate sports activities, Healthcare action in the Community.

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Towards a healthier humanity

Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College is geared towards providing excellent broad-based education with a focus on professional development for the students to equip them with knowledge, skill and attitude necessary not only to address the priority health problems of the community but also to acquire a firm basis for future training and studies. Helping students to Acquire a KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING of health and its promotion, and of diseases. Their prevention and management, in the context of whole individual and his or her place in the family and the society. ;


The present campus of the college is located, 9 KM from The Shahjala Internation Airport, at Konia of Gazipur City ( near Boardbazar ), the medical college, including the hospital, stands on the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway-just outside the capital city.

The administrative offices and academic departments are housed in a campus surrounded by a picturesque lush green environment of the area.

The buildings are well furnished and suitably equipped to accommodate classrooms, seminars, dissection hall, laboratories, museum, library, students’ common rooms and snack shop.