Academic Council:
Principal Chairman
Vice Principal Co-Chairman/Member Secretary
All Head of the Departments Member
All Professors Member
Director Students’ Affairs Member
Principal Prof.Dr.Ranajit Kumar Mallick, MBBS, FCPS (Surgery)
Vice – Principal Prof. Dr.Asma Kabir, MBBS, M.P.H, M.Phil(PSM)
Department of Anatomy
Professor (c.c)  & Head of Dept Dr.Shahana Hossain, MBBS, M. Phil (Anatomy)
Associate Professor Dr.Farida Yeasmin, MBBS, M. Phil. (Anatomy)
Associate  Professor(c.c) Dr.Razia Sultana, MBBS, M.Phil. (Anatomy)
Lecturers Dr. Md. Abdullah, MBBS
Lecturers Dr. Sabnaj Arefin Bithi, MBBS
Lecturers Dr. Farua Tanni  MBBS
Lecturers Dr. Md. Ashiqur Rahman, MBBS
Lecturers Dr. Kamrul Hasan, MBBS
Lecturers Dr. Fahima Akter, MBBS
Lecturers Dr. Md. Mostofa-E-Monjur, MBBS
Department of Physiology
Associate Professor Dr. Magfura Pervin.MBBS, M.Phil.
Associate  Professor(c.c) Dr. Shamima Jahan.MBBS, M.Phil.
Lecturers  Dr.Anika Farah Sharmin, MBBS
Lecturers  Dr. Masuda Momtaj Mumu, MBBS
Lecturers  Dr. Sharmin Jahan, MBBS
Lecturers  Dr. Prianka Bakshi, MBBS
Lecturers  Dr. Md. Motaher Hossen Siddiqi, MBBS
Lecturers  Dr. Mosammat Jannatun Nahar, MBBS
Lecturers  Dr. Bismi Jatil Alia Juie, MBBS
Department of Biochemistry
Professor(c.c) & Head of Dept. Dr. Ferdous Ara Begum, MBBS, M.Phil (Biochemistry)
Associate Professor Dr. Nadia Ferdous, MBBS, M.Phil (Biochemistry)
Assistant Professor Dr. Shabnam Sarwar Sejooti, MBBS, M.D. (Biochemistry)
Lecturers Dr. Aga Salehin Farhan, MBBS
Lecturers Dr. Kawser Ahmed Khan, MBBS
Lecturers Dr. Shohel Islam, MBBS
Lecturers Dr. Farzana Binta Swroar, MBBS
Lecturers Dr. Md. Abdul Kader, MBBS
Lecturers Dr. Sadiya Akter Poly, MBBS
Department of Community Medicine
Professor & Head of Dept. Prof. Dr.Asma Kabir, MBBS, M.P.H, M.Phil(PSM)
 Professor (c.c.) Dr. Sayeda Riya, MBBS, M.P.H (C.M)
Associate Professor Dr. Sarker Shamina Ahmed, MBBS, M.P.H.
Senior Lecturers  Dr. Mohammad Mehedi Hasan, MBBS
Lecturers  Dr. Md. Sayeduzzaman, MBBS
Lecturers  Dr. Ahmad Zubair Mahdi, MBBS
Lecturers  Dr. Shaon Mahalder, MBBS
Lecturers  Dr. Mihad Hoque Sarker, MBBS
Lecturers  Dr. Jahir Rayhan, MBBS
Lecturers  Dr. Imran Khan, MBBS
Lecturers  Dr. Kazi Sefat Akhter, MBBS
Department of Medicine
 Professor(c.c)  & Head of the Dept. Dr. Md. Mizanur Rahman , MBBS, FCPS, MD.
Associate Professor Dr. Mohammad Mobinur Rahman, MBBS, MD
Associate Professor (c.c) Dr. Md. Mosharraf Hossain, MBBS, DTM&H, MCPS
Registrar (In-Charge)  Dr. Md. Moynul Islam, MBBS
Registrar  Dr. Abdul Awal, MBBS
Registrar  Dr. Enamul Kabir Khan, MBBS
Asstt.Registrar  Dr. Md. Moynul Islam, MBBS
Asstt.Registrar  Dr. Md. Afjal Hossain, MBBS
Asstt.Registrar  Dr. A.N.M. Shamsul Huda, MBBS
Medical Officer  Dr. Abi Umar – Al-Fattah, MBBS
Department of Pathology
Prof.& Head of Dept. Prof.Dr. Abdul Khaleque Akond, MBBS, M.Phil.(Pathology), M.Sc (Histopathology), FCPS.
Assistant Professor (c.c) Dr. Sharmin Sultana Rahman, MBBS, M.Phil.
Assistant Professor(c.c)  Dr. Annesha Agarwala, MBBS,DCP
Lecturer  Dr.Tahmina Akter, MBBS
Lecturer  Dr. Sabiha Farzana, MBBS
Lecturer  Dr. Kazi Md. Miraz, MBBS
Lecturer  Dr. Shanto Ronjon Chanda, MBBS
Lecturer  Dr. Dr. Sharmin Mostary, MBBS
Lecturer  Dr. Mohammad Kamrul Hasan Rumie, MBBS
Department of Microbiology
Professor (c.c) & Head of Dept Dr. Farjana Majid, MBBS, M.Phil
Associate  Professor (c.c) Dr. Tashmin Afroz Binte Islam, MBBS, M.Phil
Assistant Professor Dr. Maiz-ul Ahad Suman. MBBS, M.Phil, M.Sc
Lecturers Dr. B.M. Makhlukul Mizan, MBBS
Lecturers Dr. Nusrat Jahan Lata, MBBS
Lecturers  Dr. Luthfun Nahar, MBBS
Lecturers  Dr.Nusrat Jahan Sumona, MBBS
Lecturers  Dr. Md. Al-Amin, MBBS
Department of Pharmacology
Professor & Head of Dept. Dr. Md. Zafor Sadeque, MBBS, M.Phil
Associate Professor (c.c) Dr. Samantha Afrin, MBBS, M.Phil
Assistant Professor Dr. Sarah Binte Noor, MBBS, M.Phil
Lecturers  Dr. Reduan Masum, MBBS
Lecturers  Dr. Syed Ehsan Noor, MBBS
Lecturers  Dr. Omme Hany, MBBS
Lecturers Dr. Humaira Binta Nesar, MBBS
Lecturers  Dr. Shayla Begum, MBBS
Lecturers  Dr. Arifa Begum, MBBS
Lecturers  Dr. Ira Mansoora, MBBS
Department of Forensic Medicine
 Professor (c.c) & Head of Dept. Dr.Mohammad Jubaidul Kabir, MBBS, D.F.M.
Associate  Professor (c.c) Dr. Md. Hasib – Ul Haque Sunny, MBBS, D.F.M
Assistant Professor (c.c)  Dr. Ira Mansoora, MBBS, D.F.M
Lecturers  Dr. Solaiman Kabir, MBBS
Lecturers  Dr. Mirza Fahima Afroz, MBBS
Lecturers  Dr.Fouzia Ibrahim, MBBS
Lecturers  Dr.Umi Rani Sarkar, MBBS
Lecturers  Dr. Tahrima Tania, MBBS
Lecturers  Dr. Md. Iqbal Bahar Chowdhury, MBBS
Lecturers  Dr. Mirza Fahima Afroz, MBBS
Department of Surgery
Professor & Head of Dept. Prof.Dr. Ranajit Kumar Mallick, MBBS, FCPS (Surgery)
Associate Professor (c.c) Dr. Abu Sayed Mollah , MBBS, FCPS (Surgery
Assistant Professor Dr. Munny Momotaz, MBBS,Ms, FCPS (Surgery)
Assistant Registrar Dr. Md. Shariar Islam, MBBS
Medical Officer  Dr. Md. Anamul Hoque, MBBS
Medical Officer  Dr. Priyotosh Sutradhar, MBBS
Medical Officer  Dr. Biplab Kundu, MBBS
Medical Officer  Dr. Saurav Sikder, MBBS
Medical Officer  Dr. Md. Shariar Islam, MBBS
Medical Officer  Dr. Sourav Barman, MBBS
Medical Officer  Dr. Rasheduzzaman, MBBS
Department of Paediatrics
Professor  & Head of  Dept. Dr.Md. Abbas Uddin Khan, MBBS, MD
Assistant Professor Dr.Nasren Akter, MBBS, MCPS, FCPS
Registrar Dr. Sohely Akter, MBBS.
Registrar  Dr. Tahmida Haque, MBBS
Assistant Registrar  Dr. Zia Uddin, MBBS
Assistant Registrar  Dr. Naima Sultana, MBBS
Department of Gyne & Obstetrics
Prof. & Head of Dept. Dr. Nahid Sultana, MBBS, FCPS
Associate Professor Dr. Naireen Sultana, MBBS, FCPS
Associate Professor Dr. Rowshan Ara begum, MBBS,MCPS, FCPS
Assistant Professor Dr. Dr.Farzana Islam Khan, MBBS, FCPS
Registrar  Dr. Taslima Khanum, MBBS
Registrar  Dr.Halima Khatun, MBBS
Registrar (c.c)  Dr. Rokshana Akter, MBBS
Assistant Registrar  Dr. Shakura Habiba, MBBS
Assistant Registrar  Dr. Nazia Islam Disha, MBBS
Assistant Registrar  Dr. Jasmin Akter, MBBS
Medical Officer  Dr. Nyema Hossain Munni, MBBS
Department of Ophthalmology
Professor & Head of the Dept. Prof. Dr. Jahir Uddin Mahmud , MBBS, DO, FCPS
Registrar Dr. Mohammad Kharuzzaman, MBBS
Assistant Registrar  Dr. Md. Feroj Ali, MBBS
Assistant Registrar  Dr. S.M. Rashidul Hasan, MBBS
Department of Orthopaedics Surgery
Professor(c.c) & Head of Dept. Dr.Md. Nurul Alam, MBBS, D.Ortho, M.S.
Assistant Professor  Dr.Md. Shah Nur Liton, MBBS, D.Ortho
Assistant Registrar  Dr. Md. Kabir Hossain, MBBS
Assistant Registrar  Dr. Mohammad Akram Hossain Chowdhury, MBBS
Assistant Registrar  Dr. Md. Sharif Hossain, MBBS
Assistant Registrar  Dr. E.M. Iftekhar Rasul, MBBS
Department of E.N.T
Assistant  Prof.(C.C) & Head Dr. Md.Sazzadul Haque,  MBBS, FCPS
Assistant Professor(c.c) Dr.Didar Mohammad Ibrahim Bhuyan, MBBS, DLO
Registrar  Dr.A.T.M. Mostakur Rahman, MBBS
Assistant Registrar  Dr. Jahirul Islam, MBBS
Department of Dermatology & Venerology
Assoc. Prof. & Head of the Dept. Dr. Gazi Asma Sultana, MBBS, DDV (MAGOMC)
Associate Professor (c.c) Dr.Md.Abul Kalam MBBS, FCPS,DDV
Assistant Registrar  Dr. Sujit Chandra Biswas, MBBS
Assistant Registrar  Dr. Tirtha Khastagir, MBBS
Department of Psychiatry
Assistant Prof.(c.c) & Head of the Dept. Dr. Md. Khayrul Islam, MBBS, MCPS , MD(Psychiatry)
Registrar Dr. Nargis Sultana, MBBS
Assistant Registrar Dr. Khondaker Alwan Nahid, MBBS
Department of Radiology & Imaging
Assis. Prof. & Head of Dept Dr. Sahajahan, MBBS, M.Phil
Sonologist Dr. Mahmuda Nusrat, MBBS, MPH,
Assistant  Registrar   Dr. Fatema Zohra, MBBS
Department of Anesthesiology
Assistant Prof.(c.c) & Head of the Dept. Dr.Md.Wakely Mondal, MBBS, MCPS (Anaeth.) D.A
Register  Dr. Firoz Alamgir , MBBS
 Assistant Registrar Dr.Md. Matiar Rahman, MBBS
Assistant Registrar Dr. Md. Nizam Uddin, MBBS
Department of Cardiology
Assistant Registrar  Dr.Md. Salauddin MBBS
 Assistant Registrar  Dr. Sourav Barman, MBBS
Assistant Registrar  Dr. Tapan Roy, MBBS
Assistant Registrar  Dr. Md. Sultan Mahmud, MBBS
Assistant Registrar  Dr. Syed Obaydur Rahman, MBBS
Assistant Registrar  Dr. Apurba Lal Barai, MBBS
Department of Emergency
Emergency Medical Officer [5] Dr. Ashraful Islam, Dr. Junaid Chowdhury(FCPS, Surgery), Dr. Azizur Rahman(MD, Rediation Onchology), Dr. Shaha Alam Sarker(FCPS, Surgery), Dr. Sayem Khan (MS, Cardiothoracic Surgery)
Department of Dentistry
Medical Officer Dr.Md. Forhad Hossen (BDS)
Techincian Md. Swapan Mia
Department of English
Assistant Professor Ms. Jackie Kabir, M.A.(English)(D.U), M.Phil

Towards a healthier humanity

Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College is geared towards providing excellent broad-based education with a focus on professional development for the students to equip them with knowledge, skill and attitude necessary not only to address the priority health problems of the community but also to acquire a firm basis for future training and studies. Helping students to Acquire a KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING of health and its promotion, and of diseases. Their prevention and management, in the context of whole individual and his or her place in the family and the society. ;


The present campus of the college is located, 9 KM from The Shahjala Internation Airport, at Konia of Gazipur City ( near Boardbazar ), the medical college, including the hospital, stands on the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway-just outside the capital city.

The administrative offices and academic departments are housed in a campus surrounded by a picturesque lush green environment of the area.

The buildings are well furnished and suitably equipped to accommodate classrooms, seminars, dissection hall, laboratories, museum, library, students’ common rooms and snack shop.